Now that you’ve learned a bit about our new chef, Shawn, it’s time to introduce (or tell you more about!) ​Amy McManus​, our general manager and director of events. With the team since 2008, she ensure everything works as seamlessly as possible behind-the-scenes and in the dining room.

Discover which dishes Amy loves to snack on from the Aposto kitchen, one thing she wishes more people knew about Aposto, and her favorite place to spend days off.

​How did you get your start in the restaurant industry?

I started waiting tables in high school and later started bartending, which introduced me to the fine dining scene. These jobs paid for my life while I went to college—and continues to do so. I have met amazing people and created life long friendships.

When did you join the Scala crew?

​In May 2008, and if I remember correctly, I was the first “stranger” that Tony hired at Cafe di Scala​. Everyone working on the team at the time were friends or family of Tony. In 2011, Tony approached me with helping to manage the restaurant, which is when I started to plan the private events, schedule staff and manage payroll. I did this while also working full time as Compliance and Process Improvement Consultant, so 2016 was an intense year for me! When Tony asked me to be a partner and general manager at Aposto, it was an absolute honor—although a bit scary to leave my nice secure job after 13 years.


From weddings to parties to pop-up dinners, Amy can help make your next celebration super-special at Aposto.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about Aposto?​

Cooking classes are available for small groups of 8 or less (just email me at for details). It’s a great way to hang with friends, eat, drink and learn new skills.

What is your favorite dish on the current menu and why?

I cannot pick a favorite.  It changes on a daily basis.  If I had to pick today, it would be the Asparagus Salad, Risotto and any of the ice creams.

​Where is your favorite place to ​hang out when you’re not at Aposto?

Home is a great place on any day off.