Cleverley Farms Pop-Up

Photo by Shanna Benedict / 2016 Cleverley Farms Pop-Up Dinner

We’re honored to highlight Cleverley Farms produce on our spring and summer menu at Aposto at the Scala House. Here are five fun facts about the Cleverley-Aposto connection:

  1. Aposto owner Tony Lemmo explains the unique qualities Larry Cleverley’s produce as, “like the moment during The Wizard of Oz movie when everything transforms into color. Nearly anything else tastes black and white in comparison. Taste a leaf of store-bought produce, then taste a leaf of his. It’s electrifying!”
  2. Cleverley Farms has been supplying Aposto and Cafe di Scala with fruits and vegetables for more than 10 years. “Larry dropped by one day and won Phil Shires over [the head chef at the time] with his magical produce. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse,” Tony adds.
  3. The Tony-Larry link runs deep. “Larry is like my older brother,” Tony says. “He’s one of our favorite patrons at the cafe and has helped fill some gaps in my knowledge on how to keep our Aposto garden vibrant and healthy, too. Larry is just a solid guy and his wife, Beth, is so sweet.”
  4. The Scala staff has spent many nights on the farm in Mingo, “watching the stars, playing bocce ball with Cleverley Farms heirloom melons, exploring the midnight darkness, laughing and eating and drinking like kings and queens,” according to Tony.
  5. Our kitchen is currently stocked with Cleverley Farms carrots, onions, zucchini, fennel, squash blossoms, arugula and fingerling potatoes.

To celebrate the partnership, Aposto is excited to host our sixth annual, four-course pop-up dinner on Tuesday, July 24 at 6:30 p.m.! Chef Shawn Bennigsdorf designed the menu to highlight the summers’ best crops at Cleverley Farms.


Veggie Terrine: carrot | hot pepper ricotta | zucchini | onion soubise | fennel jam


Beet Salad: roasted beets | beet jam | arugula | goat cheese | candied walnuts | sherry vinaigrette


New York Strip: blue cheese | squash blossom | confit fingerlings


Carrot Cake: mascarpone | golden raisins | walnuts

$50 per person

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